Ayurvedic treatment for What is Male hypogonadism

What is Male hypogonadism

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What is Male hypogonadism Ayurvedic treatment


Male hypogonadism refers to the condition where the gonads (testes) have not developed, causing a low production of testosterone in men. This may lead to low masculinity and poor secondary sexual characteristics. This may show up as an abnormality since birth or may develop in some men later on in life due to any disease or surgery. 1

In Ayurveda, male hypogonadism usually presents as Shandhatva or napunsakta. It means inability to sire a progeny by a man. There are multiple causes responsible for Shandhatva, such as bija upa tapa (Congenital hypogonadism), shukra dosha (sperm abnormalities) and klaibya (sexual dysfunction).2

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