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What is Cataract

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What is Cataract Ayurvedic treatment


Cataract refers to the cloudy appearance of the lens of the eye which causes a clouded vision. Due to the clouding of the vision, a person suffering from cataract finds it very difficult to see properly, read anything or even drive a car.1

Cataracts generally develop slowly without any serious symptoms, but as the condition advances, it starts to interfere with vision. 1

According to Ayurveda, cataracts are described as Linganasha (loss of vision). Lingansha is considered as an advanced stage of the eye disorder timira. Two types of linganasha are described, curable and incurable. Amongst the various dosha vitiations, the kaphaja linganasha (caused by kapha vitiation) is considered surgically curable while the rest are considered incurable. 2

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