Ayurvedic treatment for What is Conjunctivitis

What is Conjunctivitis

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What is Conjunctivitis Ayurvedic treatment


Conjunctivitis or pink eye or red eye is caused due to inflammation of the conjunctiva (the membrane covering the eyeball). This is often due to an infection of the membrane. While this condition does not affect the vision, it causes a lot of irritation in the eye and discomfort.1

Ayurveda explains conjunctivitis as Abhishyand literally meaning to cause congestion. or Netra Abhishyanda.  Abhishyanda is classified as the eye disease affecting all parts of the eye. The gravity of Abhishyanda is such that it is often said to be the cause of all eye disorders.  Abhishyand is related to pathological changes in the strotas (channels) around the head region and these lead to congestion of vessels in the eye, causing the symptoms similar to that of conjunctivitis like Rag and Lohit Netrata (conjunctival congestion), Sangharsh (foreign body sensation), Nistoda (pricking sensation), Daha (burning sensation), and Paka (severe inflammation), often accompanied with discharge. Five types of Abhishyanda have been described in Ayurveda classics on basis of dosha involved .2,3

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