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What is Dry Eyes

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What is Dry Eyes Ayurvedic treatment

DRY EYES Meaning

Tears have a specific role in providing moisture to eyes and helping get rid of irritants – thereby keeping the eye lubricated. When lubrication of the eye is compromised, either due to low production of tears or poor quality of tears – it leads to a condition called as ‘Dry eyes’.

‘Dry eyes’ is a fairly common condition that creates discomfort and causes eyes to sting or burn. Many people will experience dry eyes in certain situations, like being inside an airplane for a long time, being inside an AC room, riding a bike without eye protection and looking at a computer/mobile screen for a long time.1

Ayurveda describes a condition called as Shushkakshipaka (Dry inflamed eye), that matches the clinical description of dry eyes. The condition involves vitiation of Vata-Pitta/Rakta causing a disturbed eye functioning that needs a holistic approach for management.2

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