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What is Eye allergies

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What is Eye allergies Ayurvedic treatment


Allergies can be understood as a reaction of the human body to any substance or matter that it perceives as a danger to itself. Allergies are not a common happening for every individual. They usually occur when the immune system reacts to a foreign substance, such as dust particles, plant pollens, bee stings/venom, or certain chemicals or perfumes, etc., that otherwise doesn't cause a reaction in most people.1

Specific allergic reaction of the eye to allergens results in eye related symptoms due to the allergen.1

In Ayurveda, Simple Allergic Conjunctivitis.can be correlated with the disease Vataja and kaphaja Abhishyanda and is characterized by Toda (Pricking pain), Sangharsha (foreign body sensation), Achchashruta (watery discharge), Alpa Shopha (mild chemosis), Vishushka Bhava (feeling of dryness),Parushya (dryness). Ayurvedic texts mention symptoms that are similar to an allergic reaction under the concept of ‘Dooshivisha’ (Irritating toxins). A regular exposure to unhealthy habitat, season, food and diwaswap (day sleep) tends to vitiate dhatus (the tissues), thereby causing irritating symptoms.  Hence the toxins are called as dooshivisha.2, 3

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