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What is Eye infections

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What is Eye infections Ayurvedic treatment


Eye infections cause  swelling and irritations in the eye which can beeither by a bacteria, fungus or virus. These microbes may infect the cornea (front layer of the eyes) or affect the conjuctiva (the membrane covering the eyeball). There are many different types of eye infections depending on whether it’s viral, fungal or bacterial. Some common eye infections include:1,2,3

  • Conjunctivitis: An eye infection that spreads easily and is caused from viruses or bacteria.
  • Viral keratitis: An eye infection that is caused due to exposure to Herpes simplex virus.
  • Fungal keratitis: An eye infection caused due to fungus.

 Ayurveda describes eye infections as Abhishyand (literally meaning congestion of eye). Abhishyand is related to pathological changes in the strotas (channels) around the head region and these lead to congestion of vessels in the eye causing the symptoms similar to that of conjunctivitis.4

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