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What is Eye twitching

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What is Eye twitching Ayurvedic treatment


The twitching of eye refers to the sudden often uncontrolled quivering movement of the eyelid, usually in one eyelid only. This is medically called as Myokymia of the eye. This twitching of the eyelid may be barely noticeable in some cases, while it may be worrisome in many others. Often the twitching subsides by itself in a short time, but it may recur after some time.1

Most of the times, the twitching occurs in the upper lid, but sometimes it can occur in both upper and lower lids. The twitching typically lasts for about a minute and happens every few seconds. They are painless, but prolonged twitches may bother you.2

As per Ayurveda, twitching of eye lids is caused by vitiation of Vata dosha, and is also an outcome of manas karana (mental causes such as stress).3

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