Ayurvedic treatment for Ayurvedic Treatment For Mouth Ulcer

Ayurvedic Treatment For Mouth Ulcer

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Ayurvedic Treatment For Mouth Ulcer

MOUTH ULCERS Ayurvedic Treatment

Doctors generally diagnose mouth ulcers through a visual exam. Doctor may recommend tests for other medical conditions, in case the mouth ulcers occur frequently.5

Diet Recommendations (Aahar)

  • Avoid hot or spicy food, tea, coffee, alcohol and tobacco
  • Avoid sour things including curd and pickles
  • Papaya and soorana kanda (jami-kanda) are very useful in this condition
  • Have light sweet food frequently
  • Include ghee, raisins, cucumber, cumin seeds, coriander seeds, almond, dates in diet.
  • Do not skip food.

Lifestyle changes (Vihar)

  • Use an umbrella while going outside
  • If the ulcers overlap with feeling run down, check if diet is well balanced and possibly take more rest
  • Gently rub a small ice cube over the spot or rinse your mouth with ice-cold water, if the mouth ulcer is causing a lot of pain.
  • Make it a point to rinse your mouth with a little salt water to prevent the ulcerated area from getting infected.
  • Mouth ulcers are most commonly associated with constipation. In case of such a situation, use of a mild laxative such as Triphala Churna which will give some relief
  • Licorice (mulethi) is proved to be beneficial in the treatment of oral ulcers. Chew on a piece of it. It refreshes the mouth and cleanses the teeth, arresting tooth decay. It heals the sores in the mouth.
  • Intermittently, gargle using with hot and cold water

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  • Disclaimer: The information on this page is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Do not use this information to diagnose or ayurvedic treatment of oral-care and/or mouth ulcers without consulting the doctor. Consult your physician before beginning an exercise regime. "While we have products /ayurvedic medicines for oral-care and/or mouth ulcers, you must consult an authorized physician before taking any of the products. For more information on products, visit www.dabur.com or call 1800-103-1644"

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