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What is Tooth Decay

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What is Tooth Decay Ayurvedic treatment


Dental cavity, also known as tooth decay or caries, is a commonly occurring condition, which affects six out of ten adults in India. Despite of its widespread occurrence, tooth decay can be prevented easily. If left untreated, tooth decay may cause pain, infection and loss of tooth.1-2

The main reason that cavities occur is due to tooth decay. The bacteria present in the mouth can form a sticky film called plaque on the surfaces of teeth. Plaque bacteria thrive on food rich in carbohydrates and sugar, causing the formation of plaque acid. This plaque acid eventually dissolves the protective enamel surface of the tooth as well as the underlying dentin, creating a cavity. The dentin is the inner structure of the tooth, which when exposed may cause the teeth to become very sensitive. The tooth may become infected if the cavity reaches the centre of the tooth called as the pulp. This may cause extreme pain and may need a dental root canal or complete extraction of the tooth.1,3

Tooth decay is caused by complex conditions known as dental caries. Dental health or danta swasthya in Ayurveda is specific for each person and differs with individual prakriti or constitution. Tooth decay is also influenced by kala-parinama or the climatic changes resulting from solar, lunar and planetary influences.4

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