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What is Toothache

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What is Toothache Ayurvedic treatment


Toothache or tooth pain occurs due to irritation of the nerve of a tooth, but there are various other causes for tooth pain. The most common reason of toothache in children and adults is tooth decay. There are plenty of bacteria present in the mouth, that constantly flourish on the sugars and starches present in the food that we eat. These bacteria cling on to the surfaces of the teeth by forming a sticky substance called as plaque.1

In Ayurveda, dentistry is included in the Shalakyatantra under Dantha Swasthya (dental diseases) and is considered to vary with each individual’s health as well as the climatic changes. Everyone’s body structure is categorized based on control of any of three physical humors (dosha). An imbalance in any one of these doshas govern health care and may lead to dental health issues.2

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