Ayurvedic treatment for What is Ankle pain

What is Ankle pain

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What is Ankle pain Ayurvedic treatment


Image result for back ankle pain Ankle pain can be discomforting and painful in day to day work, it may affect one or both of your ankles.1 Your ankle is a complex joint and made up of network of bones and two lower leg bones, which together form your ankle joint. Your ligaments connect your bones and support them, while your muscles help in the movement.2

In Ayurveda, foot care is considered very important since it is known to benefit the entire body and nervous system in a holistic manner. There are certain points in our body called


or vital points, where our energies are concentrated. Feet and ankles also have these vital points, which if not taken care of, can cause problems like chronic pain in the ankles, pain and swelling in feet, etc.3

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