Ayurvedic treatment for Cancer Pain Causes

Cancer Pain Causes

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Cancer Pain Causes


The pain from cancer can have a few different causes:3

  • The cancer. When a tumour grows it can lay pressure on nerves, bones, organs, or the spinal cord, which leads to pain.
  • Medical tests.Some tests, such as bone marrow test or biopsy, can cause pain.
  • Treatment. Many kinds of cancer treatments can cause pain, including chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.

In Ayurveda, pain related to cancer has been described as a clinical manifestation of Granthi (an undesired knot). Granthi is a pathological state of vitiated Doshas in muscular tissues, blood, fat and structure of vessels which results into a gland-like abnormal growth or tumour. It appears like bubble of water- round, erect and knotted. Granthi manifests itself in the form of 2 major features of pain:5

Vataj Granthi : Swelling of vataj variety represents a pricked needle-like pain. Swelling is long, rough, and black in colour. If this Granthi bursts, then bright red clear secretion may happen.

Pittaj: Burning or boiling kind of pain, swelling being red or yellow in color. Secretion appears like extremely hot or bursting blood.

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