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What is Neck Pain

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What is Neck Pain Ayurvedic treatment


Any pain in the neck region including the muscles, nerves, bones, and the disks between the bones, is called neck pain.1 Even though neck pain is felt in the neck region, it can be caused by numerous other problems, including muscular tightness in the neck and upper back area, pinching of the nerves, and disrupted joints in the neck and upper back areas.

People usually experience acute neck pain which usually recedes within a few days. Your neck pain may be chronic if it lasts longer than three months.2

In Ayurveda, neck pain is described as Manyastambha, which is one of the vatavyadhi (Vata dosha related conditions) caused due to aggravation of vata dosha. When the aggravated vata invades the neck muscles, it causes muscle rigidity, immobility of the neck, and pain in the neck muscles.3

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