Ayurvedic treatment for Neck Pain Causes

Neck Pain Causes

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Neck Pain Causes

Causes of NECK PAIN

Neck pain can have many different causes. These include:2

  • Weak and overused neck muscles: Sitting at a desk for a long time, particularly in awkward positions with slightly tensed muscles, can cause pain and stiffness in the neck or shoulder areas, and sometimes headaches too.
  • Wear and tear of the joints in the neck area of spine: Over the course of time, different signs of wear and tear can arise in the neck area of the spine. Wear and tear is generally a normal part of growing older
  • Spinal disk changes: Spinal disks are also subject to wear and tear. The tissue becomes brittle and less elastic, so it can't absorb pressure as effectively. Sometimes spinal disk tissue then bulges out or a "slipped disk" occurs.

Neck pain may also sometimes accompany inflammatory (swelling) conditions of the spine, jaw joint or severe headaches.

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