Ayurvedic treatment for Alzheimer’s disease Diagnosis

Alzheimer’s disease Diagnosis

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Alzheimer’s disease Diagnosis


Although memory loss can be generally easily identified, it is also most commonly attributed to Alzheimer’s based on the age and history. Accurate diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease is only done post death by microscopic examination of the brain.1

Some tests are done to estimate the disease in the living, these are1 -

  • Physical and neurological exam: This is performed to check the overall neurological health and reflexes1
  • Lab tests: Tests for blood help rule out other causes like thyroid disease and nutritional deficiencies.1
  • Mental status and neuropsychological testing: Detailed testing for mental functions may be performed.1
  • Brain imaging: This helps identify neurological conditions like a stroke, trauma or tumors — that may be responsible for memory loss.1

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