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What is Anxiety

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What is Anxiety Ayurvedic treatment


In general, anxiety refers to a feeling of unease, that can be worry or fear, and it may be mild or severe. While most people tend to have some uneasiness or anxiety at different points in life, if these feelings become more constant and start affecting day to day life, it can lead to a serious disorder.1

Anxiety is generally a symptom of many conditions like fear, stress and other conditions. A condition called generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) is a term given when there is no cause determined for anxiety.1

In Ayurveda classics, anxiety is described as a symptom Chittodwega (restlessness of mind). It is further classified under a heading of mental disorders called ‘Unmada’.2

As per Ayurveda, inappropriate dietary habits such as Adhvashana (Improper foods) and Vishamashana (Opposing foods) may cause Vishada (Mental lethargy) resulting out of Pragya-paradha (mistakes of the intellect/mind).2

These mistakes are referred to as - lack of self-control over eating and greediness in food habits. Conditions of the mind such as Duhkha (Despair) - that is produced due to loss of beloved one or any financial or social loss; Bhaya (fear), Irshya (jealousy), Dainya (timidity), Lobha (greed), Chinta (worry), Krodha (anger) may lead to Vishada (Mental lethargy).2

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