Ayurvedic treatment for Autism Symptoms

Autism Symptoms

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Autism Symptoms

Symptoms of AUTISM

Initially the symptoms of ASD are reported by parents or noticed by doctors in routine checkup. People with ASD show show 2 main types of behaviors. These are1:

  1. Restrictive / repetitive behaviors: These may include1:
  • Repeating certain behaviors
  • Staying overly focused on certain things like moving objects
  • Showing high interest in certain topics, such as numbers, details, or facts.
  1. Social communication / interaction behaviors: These may include1:
  • Getting upset easily
  • Making poor eye contact
  • Unable to listen to conversations for long
  • Non emotional response to others anger
  • Slow responses
  • Continuous talking without allowing others to speak
  • Repeating words or phrases newly heard

ASD show one unique characteristic, that often people with ASD can have some special abilities like high intelligence, good memory, strong in maths and arts etc.1

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