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What is Eating disorders

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What is Eating disorders Ayurvedic treatment


It is commonly thought that eating disorders are a lifestyle choice, but this is not true. Eating disorders form a grave and life threatening illness that disrupts a person’s eating habits. Having an obsession for food, body weight, and body shape also signals an eating disorder. Common eating disorders that are clinically known are anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge-eating disorders.1

Eating disorders have been described under the Annadvesha, Bhaktadvesha, Aruchi.  Ayurveda, the scholars in the past were well aware of deep impacts of food items on our body and mind, and hence, Ayurvedic texts always recommend one should be cautious about the food items if you want to remain healthy and happy.

Eating disorders can be correlated under the manasik rogas where the capability of the mind to decide what is right is occluded by obsessive beliefs.2

Ayurveda has described the manas (mind) and its vishayas i.e. the areas of handling in a conspicuous manner. Obsessive compulsive disorders are considered to be due to manasika bhaavas like dhee (memory), dhriti (thoughts) etc.2

The disease is found more often in individuals with the heena or alpa bala(low resilience) of satva (mind). Any bad activity, physical, mental or verbal termed as prajna-paradhacan be a cause for the condition.2

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