Ayurvedic treatment for Ayurvedic Tips for Insomnia

Ayurvedic Tips for Insomnia

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Ayurvedic Tips for Insomnia

INSOMNIA Ayurvedic Tips

Apart from a physical examination to evaluate painful conditions or any other issues, doctors can generally ask for a sleep questionnaire and a sleep diary to see the patterns of sleep.1

Occasionally, blood tests may be done to check for any other conditions such as thyroid problems - that can cause insomnia.1

A visit to a sleep center may also be recommended where detail tests are done as you sleep to check for brain waves, heartbeats and eye movements’ etc.1

Diet Recommendations (Aahar)

A light diet should be planned in accordance with the basic principles according to dosha and prakruti. Last meal should not occur after sunset.

Lifestyle changes (Vihar)

Proper sleep patterns should be followed. If someone misses sleep, he/she should sleep o=in the day for half of the time missed but on an empty stomach.

Ayurveda further advocates Nasya (nasal administration of drugs) and Murdhni Chikitsa which includes Shiro-abhyanga (massage of head with medicated oil), Shiriseka (pouring of medicine on head), Shiropichu (placing of oil on the anterior fontanel for the particular time ) and Shirobasti for Mana(mental status) and Indriya vikaras (diseases of eye, ear, head and mental disorders). 2

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