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What is Insomnia

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What is Insomnia Ayurvedic treatment


Insomnia refers to a condition where a person has difficulty going to sleep or to stay asleep even though there is adequate opportunity to do so. Many people have insomnia at some or other point in life but some tend to develop it s a constant and long term condition. Often there is any underlying cause for insomnia such as a disease or medication.1

As per Ayurveda, Insomnia is called as Anidra and nidranasha. Sleep is natural rejuvenator of body and mind. Lack of adequate sleep (nidra) causes dukha (pain), karshyata (physical weakness), balahani (loss of power or generalized weakness), klaiebya (infertility), agnaayata (lack of consciousness) and even mrityu (death).2

It is primarily due to vata vaigunyata (vitiation of vata dosha or imbalance in body) that Anidra (insomnia) occurs in a person.2 Diseases like Unmada and Pshchological factors like Bhaya, shoka Chinta are also responsible for loss of sleep.

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