Ayurvedic treatment for What is Post-partum depression

What is Post-partum depression

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What is Post-partum depression Ayurvedic treatment


Post partum depression refers to the clinical depression seen in new others after childbirth. While many new mothers experience ‘baby blues’ immediately after childbirth, some may suffer from a severe form of depression that is long lasting and troublesome.1

As per Ayurveda the concept of ‘Sutika’ i.e. post pregnancy or puerperal period is an important time for care of the new mother. Sutika is a woman who has either just given birth or is in the period of upto 6 weeks post giving birth – the sutika kala or puerpurium or puerperal period. This period makes the new mother prone to develop many physical or mental conditions and hence special care is needed. 64 types of diseases that affect women postpartum (Sutika) and their management have been describes under the aegis of Sutika roga. 2, 3

In order to prevent any complications, special dietary regimen, living lifestyle and other required management are described in almost all Ayurvedic classics for the sutika kala as sutika paricharya. The main objective of this sutika paricharya is to provide care until a pre pregnancy state is reached. 2

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