Ayurvedic treatment for What is Speech disorder

What is Speech disorder

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What is Speech disorder Ayurvedic treatment


A speech disorder refers to problems in correctly speaking a sentence or pronouncing words in any language. Dysarthria is the commonest type of speech disorder. It is often characterized by a slurred or slow speech which is difficult to understand.1

Ayurvedic approach towards speech production is reflected as Vaka pravrutti which is an important function of vata dosha and to be precise udana vayu a subtype of vata dosha.2

The indriya (sense organ) responsible for speech is Vagindriya (tongue) that acts passively after receiving command from the Shira (brain). 2

Even though the production of speech is governed by doshas and mana (Psyche) is responsible for the final understanding of subject (what is to be said).2

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