Ayurvedic treatment for What is Weak memory in children

What is Weak memory in children

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What is Weak memory in children Ayurvedic treatment


A weak memory can cause learning problems - that can lead to long term adverse effects on community and financial outcomes. They can cause failure of class, certain behavioral conditions, difficulties in adjustments during schooling and in adults lead to unemployment and poverty.1

Memory is a basic power that plays an essential role in forming a person’s personality. Memory is very important for learning, development of mental faculties and overall development. Memory problems in kids can create issues with day to day functioning, cause poor performance in school and slow down learning of new skills. 1

In Ayurveda, the healthy individual is represented by equilibrium of Dosha (Vata, Pitta, Kapha), Agni (metabolic activity), Dhatu (metabolism), Mala (waste products), Atma (soul), Indriya (sense organ) and Mana (mind).2

Functions of mind are correlated with the Buddhi (intellect), Dhi (perception), Dhruti (retention) and Smriti (memory/retention power). Dhi, Dhruti and Buddhi takes part as a key role for understanding & learning of new information, while Smriti helps to regain or recall them.2

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