Ayurvedic treatment for Breastfeeding problems Causes

Breastfeeding problems Causes

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Breastfeeding problems Causes


Common problems related to breastfeeding include –

  • Breast engorgement: This occurs when the breast is not fully emptied. It can be painful.
  • Nipple pain/trauma: At the beginning of breastfeeding, most women feel a mild pain or discomfort, and this may be considered to be normal. For some women however nipples may get injured. The most common cause of pain during breastfeeding is due to nipple trauma caused by incorrect feeding position and inappropriate latch-on of the baby.
  • Infections of the nipple or of the breast leading to mastitis: Mastitis and infection of the breasts may leading to sore nipples and breast boils (abscesses) that can be very painful requiring immediate treatment. Breastfeeding may have to be stopped temporarily during infections
  • Poor milk production or hypogalactia: Prolactin is secreted at the end of delivery and signals to begin milk secretion. Brain secretes a hormone called oxytocin that controls the milk secretion process. This hormone action lasts for 3 to 4 days after delivery. After this the process depends on emptying of the breast. Therefore, the quality and quantity of suction by the infant now regulates the synthesis of maternal milk. Most women can produce enough milk to meet their infants demand. When milk is not sufficient, the infant does not feel satisfied after feedings, cries a lot, wants to nurse frequently, takes very long feedings and does not gain weight properly (< 20 g a day). The number of wet diapers a day (less than six to eight) and infrequent bowel movements, with a small amount of stools, which are dry and hard, indirectly indicate low intake of milk.

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