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What is Late pregnancy care

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What is Late pregnancy care Ayurvedic treatment


There have been several reports that women should be pregnant before the age of 35. Reports suggest that there is a rise of infertility rates beyond this age and it is increasingly difficult for women to become pregnant after the age of 35. It also said that women over 35 have a higher risk of miscarriage. Various medical societies and association recommend the optimal age for childbearing is 20 to 35.

Maternal age at the time of conception is important for a healthy child. Late conception may bring many complications in pregnancy. According to Ayurveda following factors affect the health and normalcy of a fetus4

  • Kula or gotra of parents,
  • maternal age at the time of conception,
  • health of the reproductive organs,
  • time of conception,
  • beeja (egg) of mother,
  • maternal diet during pregnancy,
  • drugs taken during pregnancy, and
  • any disease in the mother during her pregnancy

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