Ayurvedic treatment for What is Post-pregnancy care

What is Post-pregnancy care

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What is Post-pregnancy care Ayurvedic treatment


After delivery of her baby, the mother is known as Sutika and this post-pregnancy period is called Sutika kala or puerperium.  In India, postpartum period or the period after childbirth is given a lot of importance. Mothers begin to gradually recover after childbirth and simultaneously, the bonding between them and their newborn starts being established. It is also the time when the mothers start breasfeeding their child. This traditional period of confinement usually lasts for 6 weeks or 40 days. In India, the women either return to their maternal house for the end of pregnancy, birth and the postpartum or the women’s mothers usually come to stay with them. Thus, Indian women are traditionally cared for her their female relatives and most importantly their mothers during this period.1

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