Ayurvedic treatment for Post-pregnancy care Causes

Post-pregnancy care Causes

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Post-pregnancy care Causes


During the sutika kala phase, several complications can occur. Ayurveda has listed 74 types of diseases that can happen during this period, if not managed properly. The health of the mother is very important for healthy and proper growth of her child.2

Due to aggravation of vata dosha after delivery, digestive power as well as immunity and strength of mother tend to become weak, therefore, care and management is focussed on balancing the vata and increasing the body strength of the mother. Moreover, loss of blood during delivery leads to dhatu kshaya, which in turn causes loss of body immunity. Even a minor ailment during this period can cause a lot of harm to the body. This is why, the postnatal care or sutika paricharya is given great importance in women’s health during entire pregnancy up until 6 months after delivery. 2

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