Ayurvedic treatment for What is Pregnancy care in First trimester

What is Pregnancy care in First trimester

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What is Pregnancy care in First trimester Ayurvedic treatment


Union of sperm and ovum starts a new life in mother’s uterus. This is the start of the pregnancy. Pregnancy period is divided into 3 distinct periods called trimester. The word trimester means 3 months. A normal pregnancy spans 40 weeks or 9 months. There are thus 3 trimesters. The first trimester begins as soon as the baby is conceived and continues through week 14 of the pregnancy.1

Unlike western world, Ayurveda gives bigger meaning to pregnancy. It describes garbha (foetus – baby in womb) as a combination of various factors: maternal, paternal, mental, dietary, and factors related to body and soul. These paternal and maternal factors can be improved by following right guideline. This guideline includes right conduct of speech, body, and mind. Childbirth is a great marvel of nature where many complex factors come together to develop a new human being with healthy mind and body.2

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