Ayurvedic treatment for What is Rheumatic heart disease

What is Rheumatic heart disease

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What is Rheumatic heart disease Ayurvedic treatment


Rheumatic heart disease is a serious complication of rheumatic fever. Rheumatic fever itself is a rare complication of sore throat caused by bacteria group A Streptococcus. In rheumatic fever body attacks its own tissue. Around 30% patients with rheumatic fever develop rheumatic heart disease. The inflammation in rheumatic heart disease causes valves of heart get stiffened and disrupt the normal functioning of heart.1

Rheumatic heart disease can be viewed as a Kapha dosha predominated disease (kaphapradhanatridoshajavyadhi) where all the three dosha are involved in developing the disease. The symptoms of Amavata such as: weakness (dourbalayata), stiffness in body/muscles (gatrastabdata), low apetite (aruchi), laziness (allasya), fever (jwara), swelling in joints (shoonangata).2

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