Ayurvedic treatment for Diabetes and foot problems Symptoms

Diabetes and foot problems Symptoms

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Diabetes and foot problems Symptoms


Some common symptoms of foot problems arising from diabetes are3,6:

  • Numb, painful or tingling feeling on feet
  • Change in shape
  • One feet appears different than the other
  • Dry, rough or cracked feet
  • Frequent foot problems and infections:
    • Corns: Thick or hard skin on toes
    • Calluses: Thick skin on bottom of feet
    • Blisters: Areas of skin that are raised and filled with fluid
    • Ingrown toenails: Edges of your toenails growing into your skin
    • Bunion: Bump outside the edge of your big toe
    • Warts: Small, skin-coloured growths at the bottom of the feet
    • Hammertoes: Toes that curl under your feet
    • Athlete‚Äôs foot: Fungal infection causing itching, burning, redness and cracking at the soles of feet or in between your toes
    • Fungal infection: Toenails become thick, hard and appear dark-coloured

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